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Energy harvesting communication networks: Optimization and demonstration (The E-CROPS Project)

Gelenbe, Erol; Gesbert, David; Gunduz, Deniz; Külah, Haluk; Uysal-Biyikoglu, Elif

TIWDC 2013, 24th Tyrrhenian International Workshop on Digital Communications - Green ICT, 23-25 September 2013, Genoa, Italy

We describe the new European project ECROPS which was ranked first in the 2012 CHISTERA competition. This project has begun its work in February 2013 to develop a system-wide approach to using energy harvesting and smart energy management technologies in communication and mobile devices. The project will examine energy-dependent fundamental limits of communications, together with the timely harvesting, storage and delivery of energy to the computing and communication units of these devices, to achieve an optimal balance between the quality of service, performance, and efficient usage of energy. E-CROPS will combine theoretical modelling and performance analysis with experimental demonstrations bringing together four collaborating teams from France (EURECOM), Spain (CTTC), Turkey (METU) and the UK (Imperial College London).

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Title:Energy harvesting communication networks: Optimization and demonstration (The E-CROPS Project)
Keywords:energy harvesting; energy packet networks; Markov models and decision processes; queuing networks; G-networks
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:4216
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