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Interference-aware receiver design for MU-MIMO in LTE: Real-time performance measurements

Wagner, Sébastien; Kaltenberger, Florian

Intel Technology Journal, Volume 18, N°1, 2014

Multiuser (MU) MIMO is a promising technique to significantly increase the cell capacity in LTE systems. However, users scheduled for MU-MIMO may still experience strong MU interference if the channel state information at the base station is outdated or in small cells with a limited number of users available. To tackle the MU interference, an interference-aware (IA) receiver design is employed. Unlike the interference-unaware (IU) receiver, the IA receiver exploits the information about the interfering data stream in the decoding process, resulting in a significant performance gain while maintaining a moderate complexity. We evaluate the performance of both receivers in terms of throughput through real-time measurements carried out with the OpenAirInterface, an open-source hardware/software development platform created by EURECOM. The measurement results show that the IA receiver achieves significantly higher data rates compared to the IU receiver if the user has multiple receive antennas.

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Title:Interference-aware receiver design for MU-MIMO in LTE: Real-time performance measurements
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:4213
Copyright: Intel
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