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Enrich machine-to-machine data with semantic web technologies for cross-domain applications

Gyrard, Amélie; Bonnet, Christian; Boudaoud, Karima

WF-IOT 2014, World Forum on Internet of Things, 6-8 March 2014, Seoul, Korea

The Internet of Things, more specifically, the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) standard enables machines and devices such as sensors to communicate with each other without human intervention. The M2M devices provide a great deal of  M2M data, mainly used for specific M2M applications such as weather forecasting, healthcare or building automation. Existing applications are domain-specific and use their own descriptions of devices and measurements. A major challenge is to combine M2M data provided by these heterogeneous domains and by different projects. It is really a difficult task to understand the meaning of the M2M data to later reason about them.We propose a semantic-based approach to automatically combine, enrich and reason about M2M data to provide promising cross-domain M2M applications. A proof-of-concept to validate our approach is published online (  

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Title:Enrich machine-to-machine data with semantic web technologies for cross-domain applications
Keywords:Semantic Web of Things; Internet of Things; Machine-to-Machine (M2M); Semantic Web technologies; Domain Ontologies; Linked Open Rules; Linked Open Data; Linked Open Vocabularies; Cross-Domain Applications; Reasoning; Rules; SWRL; Naturopathy
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:4203
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