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Patient health management system using e-health monitoring architecture

Mukherjee, Srijani; Dolui, Koustabh; Datta, Soumya Kanti

IACC 2014, 4th IEEE International Advance Computing Conference, February 21-22, 2014, Gurgaon, India

This paper illustrates the design and implementation of an e-health monitoring networked system. The architecture for this system is based on smart devices and wireless sensor networks for real time analysis of various parameters of patients. This system is aimed at developing a set of modules which can facilitate the diagnosis for the doctors through tele-monitoring of patients. It also facilitates continuous investigation of the patient for emergencies looked over by attendees and caregivers. A set of medical and environmental sensors are used to monitor the health as well as the surrounding of the patient. This sensor data is then relayed to the server using a smart device or a base station in close proximity. The doctors and caregivers monitor the patient in real time through the data received through the server. The medical history of each patient including medications and medical reports are stored on cloud for easy access and processing for logistics and prognosis of future complications. The architecture is so designed for monitoring a unitary patient privately at home as well as multiple patients in hospitals and public health care units. Use of smartphones to relay data over internet reduces the total cost of the system. We have also considered the privacy and security aspects of the system keeping the provision for selective authority for patients and their relatives to access the cloud storage as well as the possible threats to the system. We have also introduced a novel set of value added services through this paper which include Real Time Health Advice and Action (ReTiHA) and Parent monitoring for people with their family living abroad.

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Title:Patient health management system using e-health monitoring architecture
Keywords:e-health monitoring; wireless sensor networks; smart devices; remote health advice
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:4202
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