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Smart device sensing architectures and applications

Dolui, Koustabh; Mukherjee, Srijani; Datta, Soumya Kanti

ICSEC 2013, International IEEE Computer Science and Engineering Conference, September 4-6, 2013, Bangkok, Thailand

This paper illustrates the use of smart device sensors in various real time applications. Two types of sensor data processing architectures have been discussed. The on-device data processing architecture allows processing of the sensor data locally on the smart device itself and taking a desirable action. The on-server processing architecture requires the device to send the sensor data to a remote server for further computation and action. The pros and cons of these two types of architectures are pointed out. We have designed and implemented realistic Android applications using the smart device sensors and have categorized them broadly into these two architectures. The algorithms of the applications are described in detail along with the results. The paper also demonstrates an application of the atmospheric sensor, currently in research stages, in a virtually simulated device. Android platform is chosen to develop these applications since it is widely used and open source operating system.

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Title:Smart device sensing architectures and applications
Keywords:Smart device; Sensors; On-device processing; Onserver processing; Android
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:4113
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