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Transmission of sporadic analog samples over wireless channels

Unsal, Ayse; Knopp, Raymond

IEEE Transactions on Communications, January 2016, Vol. 64, N°1, ISSN: 0090-6778

A low-latency, two-way parameter modulation-estimation protocol for wideband channels is presented and analyzed in terms of its asymptotic behaviour with non-coherent detection on both pure line-of-sight and more general fading channels. The protocol and transmission strategy could be used for future energy-limited sensors making use of broadband cellular networks. The proposed scheme as well as known one-way schemes are compared with classical and very recent lower bounds. Both the bounds and performance evaluation of the two-way protocol are extended to a multi-channel fading model. The improvement of the feedback protocol over one-shot transmission is shown to be very significant on both line-of-sight and fading channels.

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Title:Transmission of sporadic analog samples over wireless channels
Keywords:Joint source-channel coding, parameter modulation-estimation, non-coherent detection, distortion
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:4081
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