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A team decisional beamforming approach for underlay cognitive radio networks

Filippou, Miltiades C; Ropokis, George A; Gesbert, David

PIMRC 2013, 24th Annual IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications, 08-11 September, London, United Kingdom

In this paper, the problem of the coexistence of two multiple-antenna wireless links is addressed in a cognitive radio scenario. The novelty brought by our setup is three-fold: First we consider a more realistic rate target constraint at the primary receiver instead of the less meaningful maximum interference temperature, second we propose a limited channel state information (CSI) structure whereby transmitters only have access to partly instantaneous feedback (i.e., about the direct channels) and partly statistical feedback (i.e., about the interference channels). Third, we formulate a distributed decision making scenario, by which channel information is not shared among primary and secondary transmitters. Instead, a transmitter must make a precoding decision based on local CSI only. The problem is recast as a team decision theoretic problem and the optimal precoders are obtained by solving semidefinite programs (SDPs). A distributed algorithm is derived and compared with classical precoding solutions and gains are illustrated over a range of scenarios.

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Title:A team decisional beamforming approach for underlay cognitive radio networks
Keywords:transmit beamforming, cognitive radio, semidefinite programming, team decision theory, distributed CSIT.
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:4065
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