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A simulator for data-intensive job scheduling

Dell'Amico, Matteo

Research Report RR-13-282

Despite the fact that size-based schedulers can give excellent results in terms of both average response times and fairness, data-intensive computing execution engines generally do not employ size-based schedulers, mainly because of the fact that job size is not known a priori. In this work, we perform a simulation-based analysis of the performance of sizebased schedulers when they are employed with the workload of typical data-intensive schedules and with approximated size estimations. We show results that are very promising: even when size estimation is very imprecise, response times of size-based schedulers can be definitely smaller than those of simple scheduling techniques such as processor sharing or FIFO.

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Title:A simulator for data-intensive job scheduling
Keywords:Data-intensive computing, scheduling, simulation
Department:Digital Security
Eurecom ref:4056
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