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Efficient multicast content delivery over a distributed mobility management environment

Nguyen, Tien-Thinh; Bonnet, Christian

VTC 2013-Fall, IEEE 78th Vehicular Technology Conference, 2-5 September 2013, Las Vegas, USA

The growth in mobile devices and mobile traffic in which multimedia is a main type of traffic leads the mobile network to become more flattened. A new mobility management, called distributed mobility management (DMM), has been proposed to cope with the flat IP architecture. While DMM is a potential solution in terms of IP mobility management to deal with a huge number of wireless devices and traffic, IP multicast can be seen as a promising service for enhancing the efficiency of multimedia content delivery. Considering IP multicast listener mobility in a DMM environment, there exist some issues. Several proposals have been introduced to solve these issues, however, mainly for Proxy Mobile IPv6  (PMIPv6) networks. These proposals also remain unable to tackle all the multicast listener-related issues at the same time. Moreover, there are several limitations when these proposals are considered in a DMM environment. In this paper, a complete solution is introduced for all of these issues by taking the different proposals into account in an appropriate way in a DMM environment. This solution can also be applied for multicast source mobility.

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Title:Efficient multicast content delivery over a distributed mobility management environment
Keywords:IP multicast, multicast mobility, distributed mobility management, tunnel convergence problem, handover delay, leave latency, sub-optimal routing
City:Las Vegas
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:4041
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