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Decontaminating pilots in massive MIMO systems

Yin, Haifan; Gesbert, David; Filippou, Miltiades C; Liu, Yingzhuang

ICC 2013, IEEE International Conference on Communications, 9-13 June 2013, Budapest, Hungary

Pilot contamination is known to severely limit the performance of large-scale antenna ("massive MIMO") systems due to degraded channel estimation. This paper proposes a twofold approach to this problem. First we show analytically that pilot contamination can be made to vanish asymptotically in the number of antennas for a certain class of channel fading statistics. The key lies in setting a suitable condition on the second order statistics for desired and interference signals. Second we show how a coordinated user-to-pilot assignment method can be devised to help fulfill this condition in practical networks. Large gains are illustrated in our simulations for even small antenna array sizes.

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Title:Decontaminating pilots in massive MIMO systems
Keywords:massive MIMO, pilot contamination, channel estimation, scheduling, covariance information
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:3920
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