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Accountability for cloud and other future internet services

Pearson, Siani; Tountopoulos, Vasilis; Catteddu, Daniele; Südholt, Mario; Molva, Refik; Reich, Christoph

CLOUDCOM 2012, 4th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science

Cloud and IT service providers should act as responsible stewards for the data of their customers and users. However, the current absence of accountability frameworks for distributed IT services makes it difficult for users to understand, influence and determine how their service providers honour their obligations. The A4Cloud project will create solutions to support users in deciding and tracking how their data is used by cloud service providers. By combining methods of risk analysis, policy enforcement, monitoring and compliance auditing with tailored IT mechanisms for security, assurance and redress, A4Cloud aims to extend accountability across entire cloud service value chains, covering personal and business sensitive information in the cloud.

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Title:Accountability for cloud and other future internet services
Type:Poster / Demo
Department:Digital Security
Eurecom ref:3902
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