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Creating enriched YouTube media fragments with NERD using timed-text

Li, Yunjia; Rizzo, Giuseppe; Troncy, Raphaël; Wald, Mike; Wills, Gary

ISWC 2012, 11th International Semantic Web Conference, Demo Session, November 11-15, 2012, Boston, USA

This demo enables the automatic creation of semantically annotated YouTube media fragments. A video is first ingested in the Synote system and a new method enables to retrieve its associated subtitles or closed captions. Next, NERD is used to extract named entities from the transcripts which are then temporally aligned with the video. The entities are disambiguated in the LOD cloud and a user interface enables to browse through the entities detected in a video or get more information. We evaluated our application with 60 videos from 3 YouTube channels.

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Title:Creating enriched YouTube media fragments with NERD using timed-text
Keywords:Media fragment, media annotation, NERD
Type:Poster / Demo
Department:Data Science
Eurecom ref:3806
Copyright: CEUR
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