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Peer-assisted Content Distribution on a Budget

Michiardi, Pietro; Carra, Damiano; Albanese, Francesco; Bestavros, Azer

Computer Networks, Elsevier, February 2012

In this paper, we propose a general framework and present a prototype implementation of peer-assisted content delivery application. Our system-called Cyclops-dynamically adjusts the bandwidth consumed by content servers (which represents the bulk of content delivery costs) to feed a set of swarming clients, based on a feedback signal that gauges the real-time health of the swarm. Our extensive evaluation of Cyclops in a variety of settings-including controlled PlanetLab and live Internet experiments involving thousands of users-shows a significant reduction in content distribution costs when compared to existing swarming solutions, with a minor impact on the content delivery times.

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Title:Peer-assisted Content Distribution on a Budget
Keywords:Internet Content Distribution; Peer-assisted Content Distribution
Department:Data Science
Eurecom ref:3642
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