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Large-scale multimedia retrieval and mining

Yan, Rong ; Huet, Benoit ; Sukthankar, Rahul

"IEEE Multimedia", Vol 18, N°1, January-March 2011

This special issue samples the state of the art in large-scale multimedia analysis techniques and explores how advanced multimedia analysis techniques can be leveraged to address the challenges in large-scale data collections. In particular, from a total of 20 submissions, the guest editors selected five representative articles, that investigate large-scale multimedia analysis theory and systems across multiple application domains, such as Web event detection, landmark detection, image annotation, musical content mining, and cloud computing.

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Title:Large-scale multimedia retrieval and mining
Keywords:Guest Editors' Introduction, IEEE MultiMedia , Web event detection, cloud computing, image annotation, landmark detection, musical content mining
Department:Data Science
Eurecom ref:3362
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