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Low-complexity geometry-based modeling of diffuse scattering

Czink, Nicolai; Kaltenberger, Florian; Zhouz, Y; Bernadó, L; Zemen, T ; Yinz, X

EUCAP 2010, 4th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, April 12-16, 2010, Barcelona, Spain

Modelling diffuse components in geometry-based radio channel models is computationally very complex. It usually requires to add a large number ofcomplex exponentials, which is very time consuming. To overcome thiscomplexity constraint, we propose to use the simulation method from Kaltenberger et al. [1]. With this approach, the simulation time becomes independent of the number of multipath components in the channel. We demonstrate the low-complexity approach by modelling the diffuse componentsof the vehicular radio channel. Our new implementation reduces simulation time by a factor of 30, while keeping the maximum error more than 30 dB below the power of the simulated channels.

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Title:Low-complexity geometry-based modeling of diffuse scattering
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:3006
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