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Visual spatialization of meeting room from 2D uncalibrated views

Fintzel, Katia; Dugelay, Jean-Luc

IMDSP 1998, 10th Image and Multimedia Digital Signal Processing Workshop, July 12-16, 1998, Alpbach, Austria

In this paper, we introduce an image processing tool, Video Spatialization, used for designing a new approach for multipoint teleconferencing systems for very low bit rate links (internet, mobile communications). This type of systems is based on the immersion of all the participants in a common virtual meeting place, like real meetings do, to increase teleconferencing realism. The tool proposed here is used for background control in the virtual scene, especially for consistence with the users position and motion during the meeting session. So this paper contains (1) a review of the trilinearity theory, (2) an efficient algorithm for real views reconstruction, (3) some extensions to synthesize unknown views and (4) the integration of Video Spatialization in the context of the TRAIVI project.

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Title:Visual spatialization of meeting room from 2D uncalibrated views
Department:Digital Security
Eurecom ref:30
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