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Benoit HUET

Benoit HUET
Benoit HUET
Eurecom - Data Science 
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My courses

  • ADST / Fall 2016 - Advanced Data Science Topics

    In this course, we will discuss contemporary and state of the art research problems in Data Science. The content of the course will change from year to year and will reflect the current research interests of the EURECOM faculty. The course is organised partly in Seminars/Case Studies sessions supported by industrials and researchers working in the field and a Mini Scientific Conference where each student will research and present a topic from the wide range of advanced data science topics.

    Teaching and Learning Methods : academic and industrial seminars, case studies in small group, written and oral presentation.

    Course Policies : Attendance to all sessions is mandatory.

  • MMTech / Spring 2017 - Multimedia technology

    • The aim of this course is to provide an overview of the audio/video acquisition, storage and display systems, which are main components of multimedia systems.