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Benoit HUET

Benoit HUET
Benoit HUET
Eurecom - Data Science 
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Current research topics

  • Multimedia Content Analysis, Mining and Indexing, Socially-Aware Multimedia, Big Multimedia Data, Multimodal Fusion, Semantic Annotation of Multimedia Content, Event-centric Media Structuring, Emotion Recognition, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.

Current research interests

  • His research interests include computer vision, large scale multimedia data mining and indexing (still and/or moving images), content-based retrieval, semantic labeling and annotation of multimedia content, multimodal fusion, and pattern recognition.

Current research memberships

  • He has been in the program committees of the major conferences of the field of multimedia processing.
  • He serves regularly as a technical reviewer of several renowned international conferences and journals, such as "ACM Multimedia" and "IEEE transaction on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence".
  • He is Associate Editor for the following journals: "IEEE Multimedia", "Multimedia Tools and Application" (Springer) and "Multimedia Systems" (Springer).
  • He has been guest editor for a number of special issues ("EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing", "IEEE Multimedia", "Journal of Media Technology and Applications", "Ecological Informatics Journal"). 
  • He is a member of the following societies: ACM, IEEE Computer Society.
  • He is chairing the IEEE MMTC Interest Group on Visual Analysis, Interaction and Content Management (VAIG) and is vice-chair of the IAPR Technical Committee 14 Signal Analysis for Machine Intelligence.

Selected publications



  • He and his co-author (M. Paleari) received the Best Student Paper Award for their work on "Toward emotion indexing of multimedia excerpts" published at the International Workshop on Content Based Multimedia Indexing, 2008.