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Benoit HUET

Benoit HUET
Benoit HUET
Eurecom - Data Science 
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  • Dr. Benoit Huet is Assistant Professor in the multimedia information processing group of Eurecom (France).
  • In 1993, he was awarded the MSc degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Westminster (UK) with distinction, where he then spent two years working as a research and teaching assistant.
  • He received his DPhil degree in Computer Science from the University of York (UK) for his research on the topic of object recognition from large databases.
  • He was awarded the HDR (Habilitation to Direct Research) from the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France in October 2012 on the topic of Multimedia Content Understanding: Bringing Context to Content. 


  • B. Huet is actively involved in many collaborative research projects with industrial as well as academic institution



  • He and his co-author (M. Paleari) received the Best Student Paper Award for their work on "Toward emotion indexing of multimedia excerpts" published at the International Workshop on Content Based Multimedia Indexing, 2008.