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Benoit HUET

Benoit HUET
Benoit HUET
Eurecom - Data Science 
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  • His current teaching activity includes the following courses : Machine Learning and Intelligent System, Deep Learning and Advanced Data Science Topics.
  • His past teaching experience also includes the following topics : Neural Networks, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Multimedia Technologies

Current research topics

  • Multimedia Content Analysis, Indexing and Understanding
  • Machine Learning and Intelligence
  • Socially-Aware Multimedia
  • Big Multimedia Data
  • Multimodal Fusion
  • Semantic Annotation of Multimedia Content
  • Event-centric Media Structuring
  • Emotion Recognition
  • Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

Selected publications



  • CBMI 2018 Best Paper Award for his work with Olfa Ben Ahmed on 'Deep Multimodal Features for Movie Genre and Interestingness Prediction'! (September 2018)
  • "Best Brave New Idea Award" and "Pat Goldberg Memorial Best Paper Award" for his article "Harnessing A.I. for augmenting creativity: Application to movie trailer creation" (ACMMM 2017)
  • He and his co-author (M. Paleari) received the Best Student Paper Award for their work on "Toward emotion indexing of multimedia excerpts" published at the International Workshop on Content Based Multimedia Indexing, 2008.