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Eurecom - Mobile Communications 
Research Engineer
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  • Riadh Ghaddab was born in Tunisia in 1985. He got his diploma of Mathematics/Physics in 2006 from the Preparatory School for Engineer Studies in Tunisia. He was accepted then by the High School of Communication of Tunis (SUPCOM) where he prepared for a Telecommunication Engineer Diploma (Track: Embedded systems).
  • He excelled in his first two years of studies and thus was accepted in 2008 by Telecom ParisTech for a double diploma within EURECOM in Sophia Antipolis (Track: Real-time and embedded systems). During the second half of the year 2009, he got an internship with Infineon Technologies Sophia Antipolis where he worked on designing and implementing flexible LDPC decoders.
  • In the beginning of 2010 he completed his degree programme with EURECOM and received his Engineering diploma from Télécom ParisTech and SUPCOM. Starting from February 2010 he was recruited by EURECOM as a research engineer working especially on the hardware part of their ongoing projects.