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While an adjunct professor at the University of Oslo, and now as a Professor at the Mobile Communications Laboratory of EURECOM, David Gesbert has been teaching in the field of :

  • statistical signal processing
  • advanced topics for wireless communications
  • information theory
  • mobile networking

My courses

  • ATWireless / Fall 2015 - Advanced topics in wireless communications

    • This course presents recent research developments in the area of wireless communications.
    • We emphasize promising techniques to be used at the physical and MAC layers allowing a significant increase in the network's spectral efficiency (Bit/Sec/Hz).
    • In particular, we describe 1) space-time (multiple antenna) signal processing techniques such as MIMO techniques, and 2) adaptive coding and modulation.
    • We also look at joint adaptive MIMO coding/modulation design.
    • We illustrate the impact of these advanced techniques on the overall network's performance.

  • InfoTheo / Fall 2015 - Information theory

    • Since 1948, the year of publication of Shannon's landmark paper "A mathematical theory of communications", Information theory has paved the ground for the most important developments of today's information/communication world.
    • Information theory studies the ultimate theoretical limits of source coding and data compression, of channel coding and reliable communications via channels, and provides the guidelines for the development of practical signal-processing and coding algorithms.
    • This course covers Information theory at an introductory level.
    • The practical implications of theoretical results presented are put in evidence through examples and case studies.



  • Has received the Fellow distinction from IEEE (2011)
  • Best Paper Award 2012 of IEEE Signal Processing Magazine
  • He authored or co-authored papers winning the 2004 IEEE Best Tutorial Paper Award (Communications Society) for a 2003 JSAC (Journal on Selected Areas in Communications) paper on MIMO systems,
  • 2005 Best Paper (Young Author) Award for Signal Proc. Society journals.