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  • In October 2017, he joined Eurecom as a full professor and is teaching the networking and Internet lecture.

My courses

  • Net_Prog / Fall 2020 - Hands on approach to computer networking

    • This course provides a broad overview of computer networking, covering the application layer, transport layer, network layer, and link layers.
    • It covers basic concepts in computer networking as well as the prominent Internet protocols.
    • It is intended for students who have had no previous course in computer networking.

    Teaching and Learning Methods : Lectures and Lab sessions (group of 2-3 students)

    Course Policies : Attendance to Lab session is mandatory.

  • SecAppli / Spring 2020 - Security applications in networking and distributed systems

    This course presents the main applications of secure communication mechanisms in the area of computer networks and distributed systems. The course covers network security approaches based on firewalls, cryptographic security protocol suites designed for the data exchange and network control components of Internet, wireless security protocols, and security solutions for mobile network architectures.

    Teaching and Learning Methods : Lectures and Lab sessions

    Course Policies : Attendance to Lab sessions is mandatory.



  • In 2009, he received with Van-Hau Pham, a Best Paper Award for the article "Honeypot traces forensics: the observation view point matters" (NSS 2009)
  • He obtained an IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award for his contribution to the business of IBM Global Services.
  • In 2005, he received the IBM Faculty Award