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Eurecom - Networking and Security 
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Current research topics

  • Peer-to-Peer Systems
  • Network Tomography

Current research interests

  • His areas of research are distributed systems and computer networks, with emphasis on scalability. In the past he has been working transport protocol design, video server architectures, large multicast distribution, web caching and content distribution, and scheduling.
  • His current research is in peer-to-peer systems and their applications such as video streaming or massive multi-player games.

Current research memberships

  • He is currently an associate editor of the "IEEE Networking Magazine" and the ACM "Computer Communication Review".
  • He was conference co-chair of several international conferences and member of PC of numerous international conferences and guest editor of a special issue of "IEEE Journal in Selected Areas in Communications".
  • He has organised numerous conferences. Most recently he has been General Co-chair of ACM Sigcomm 2009 and TPC co-chair of Co-Next 2009.
  • He is a member of the IEEE and the ACM.

Selected publications



  • He is co-recipient of several best paper awards, the most prestigious being the 1999 W. R. Bennet Award of the IEEE for the best paper published 1998 in the "ACM/IEEE Transactions on Networking".
  • In 2000 he received together with P. Rodriguez The “Prix de la Recherche 2000 de l'association Telecom Valley” for outstanding research in the field of scalable Internet technologies.