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Claudia ARAIMO

Claudia ARAIMO
Claudia ARAIMO
Eurecom - Multimedia Communications 
PhD Student ( 2011 - 2012)



  • Claudia Araimo received her Master Degree in Communication Engineering from Sapienza Università di Roma in July 2011, with specialization in signal processing and multimedia.
  • As part of her studies she spent six months at the Université Louis Pasteur Strasbourg I with the Erasmus Program.
  • She carried out a six-month research internship at the Multimedia Communications Department of EURECOM to complete her Master thesis in the video surveillance field.
  • In October 2011 she joined the Multimedia Communications Department as a Ph.D. candidate student with Télécom ParisTech, under the supervision of Prof. Jean-Luc Dugelay.
  • Her research focuses on automatic video surveillance systems for recognition and tracking of people, with particular attention to preservation of privacy. Her work is part of the European project VideoSense.