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Frequently Asked Questions - FINANCIAL MATTERS: Tuition fees, cost of living and scholarships

The total cost of the program (4 semesters, 24 months) is 12000€ for non EU students and 6000€ for EU students.

The fees include a 3-week intensive French program and an airport pickup (during office hours and working days). No material fees are required.

Since 2019, EURECOM proposes a 18 months master's program. Its cost is 10000€ for non EU students and 5000€ for EU students.

The total cost of the program (3 semesters, 18 months) is 12 000€ for non EU students and 6 000€ for EU students.

The fees include a 3-week intensive French program and an airport pickup (during office hours and working days).

Students need to confirm their admission by paying a 1000€ deposit which will be deducted from the tuition fees.

The rest of the tuition fees may be paid in one installment before the start of the program or in two installments (one instalment before October 30th and a second one before the start of the second semester). 

Tuition fees already include material related fees, students will be provided free of charge a copy card to make copies. Course paper supports will also be provided free of charge. Access to facilities (computers, software, wifi...) are all free of charge.

Professors may recommend books which are available in the EURECOM’s library.

Yes students will receive a monthly allowance during their internship, during the last semester. It is legally compulsory in France to pay interns.

Monthly allowances vary and the amount depends on the company and the position and the country. The minimum legal allowance in France is 508€/month. 

On average, our students receive a monthly allowance of 1100€/month.

The average monthly cost of living for students varies greatly because it depends on the type of accommodation chosen and personal preference of students. Monthly expenses are assessed on average at 800/900€ per month.

An estimated list of monthly costs is available online in the document “FINANCIAL GUIDE” accessible via each degree's webpage. 

Two types of scholarships are open to applicants to EURECOM’s Master and Post Master’s degrees:

LABEX (Laboratory of excellence) scholarships aimed at research-oriented students wishing to do a Phd after their master. Students are provided with an allowance during the first year of their studies.

Partial Tuition Fee Waivers corresponding to a reduction of the Tuition Fees.

These scholarships are based on academic results. Given the high number of applicants and the limited amount of available scholarships, only graduates from leading universities and with a good ranking will be considered for scholarships.


For more information about these types of funding and application procedures, please refer to the Financial Guide available online on each degree's webpage


Important notice on Scholarships, please read carefully:

Students need to be aware that even if granted a scholarship and a partial tuition fee waiver, it will not be enough to cover the total amount of expenses during the total duration of the studies. In any case, students should have savings on their own.

Plus scholarships are often paid after the student’s arrival in France, meaning that students will have to pay the tuition fee deposit (1000€) and the first compulsory expenses in France (rent deposit, health insurance) on their own. 

The 1000€ is paid back in case students do not receive the French visa. An amount of 100€will be deducted for administration fees.