Graduate School and Research Center in Digital Sciences

Job opportunities

Post-Doctoral / Research Engineer Position M/F (Reference: DS_BH_ING_deeplearningvideo_102018)
Data Science Dept

Deep Learning for Archive Video Analysis


The EURECOM Data Science Department is looking for a postdoctoral fellow to study and develop machine learning methods for video analysis within the ANR ANTRACT project ( in collaboration with INA (National Audiovisual Institute) and historians.

Faculty Position M/F (Reference: DS_PM_PROF_ML_102018)
Data Science Dept

Machine Learning


The Data Science Department of EURECOM invites applications for a tenured position at the Assistant Professor level in the area of Machine Learning.

PhD position M/F (Reference: DS_MF_PhD_JCJC_102018)
Data Science Dept

Deep Probabilistic Modeling on Novel Hardware


We are looking for an enthusiastic and talented Ph.D. candidate to work on the development of novel advanced statistical methodologies in the area of deep probabilistic modeling, with a focus on novel hardware and applications in life and environmental sciences.

Post-Doctoral/Research Engineer Position M/F (Reference: CS_RK_ING_5GEXP_092018)
Communication Systems Dept

5G Experimental


In the context of several running and upcoming 5G European H2020 projects (5G-EVE, EMPOWER, 5GENESIS), EURECOM is engaged deploying an experimental 5G radio network on the SophiaTech campus using two frequency allocations for indoor and outdoor 4G/5G radio equipment granted by the French regulatory body (ARCEP).

PhD position M/F (Reference: DS_RT_PhD_SILKNOW_2018)
Data Science Dept

Knowledge Modeling and Multilingual Information Extraction for Understanding the Silk Cultural Heritage


The overall objective of this PhD thesis is to develop novel methods and tools for semantically modeling, annotating and visualizing museum records. To this aim, an improved scientific understanding on multilingual text analysis, enrichment and visualization will be developed.

Post-Doctoral/Research Engineer Position M/F (Reference: RS_JLD_ING_UAV_May2018)
Digital Security Dept

Computer vision for small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


The main objective of this work is to design image processing tools for autonomous navigation (both indoor and outdoor) of small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

PhD position M/F (Reference: DS_BH_PhD_MeMad_042018)
Data Science Dept

Deep Multimodal Models for Empowering Audio-Visual StoryTelling


The overall objective of this research program is to develop novel methods and tools for digital storytelling. To his aim, an improved scientific understanding of multimodal media content analysis, linking and consumption will be developed.

PhD position M/F (Reference: SC_DS_PhD_DUPLEX_122017)
Communication Systems Dept

Self Interference Cancellation and Transceiver Techniques for Multi-Antenna Full Duplex Radio Systems


This PhD thesis will contribute to the French ANR project DUPLEX, "Full-Duplex MIMO Techniques for the Future Wireless Networks"

PhD position M/F (Reference: SC_DS_PhD_HIGHTS_102017)
Communication Systems Dept

Geopositioning by and for Vehicular Networks


This PhD thesis will start in the context of the EU H2020 project HIGHTS, "High precision Positioning for Cooperative-ITS"