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Job opportunities

Position Description Department Publication
Post-Doctoral / Research Engineer Position M/F (Reference: MC_FK_ING_SOLDER_DEC2014)*

Spectrum Overlay through Aggregation of Heterogeneous Dispersed Bands

Spectrum for wireless communication is scarce, fragmented and the rules for its use are very heterogeneous. Most of the spectrum is licensed to a specific operator or a service, for example for cellular communication like GSM, UMTS and LTE.

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Mobile Communications Dept 11-12-2014
Computer Engineer Position M/F (Reference: CM_DN_ING_OAI-Lab_122014)

Development of an Open Source Software Platform

The job will include 2 main activities :
- Establishment of a collaborative technical structure on OpenAirInterface software (
- Resume and complete the current website, on the model of OpenStack, Android ...

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Mobile Communications Dept 11-12-2014
Faculty Position M/F (Ref : MDCDSE2014)

Data Mining and Machine Learning

The Networking and Security Department of EURECOM invites applications for a tenured position at the Assistant Professor level in the area of Data Mining and Machine Learning.

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Network and Security Dept 06-11-2014
PhD position M/F (Reference: MM_JLD_PhD_IDEA4SWIFT_OCT2014)*

Soft biometrics

With the context of a joint project between France and Turkey on security and comfort of frequent flyers in European airports, EURECOM is in charge to investigate the possible utilization of soft biometrics in order to increase performances of classical biometric systems based on iris or fingerprints.

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Multimedia Communications Dept 24-10-2014
PhD position M/F (Reference: MM_BM_PhD_REEDIT_Sept2014)

Multimedia Indexing

The Multimedia Communications Department of EURECOM invites applications for a Thesis offer in the area of Multimedia Indexing

Multimedia Communications Dept 29-09-2014