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Job opportunities

Post-Doc Position M/F (Reference: Postdoc_DS_BH_NextGen_Fev2016))

Multimedia Analysis, Mining and Indexing, Machine Learning, Deep Neural Networks Media Fragments Hyperlinking


EURECOM’s Data Science Department invites applications for a 12 months, full-time, post-doctoral position related to the NexGenTV project. The project was selected for public funding from DGE/BPI France inside the FUI 19, i.e. the 19th tender of the “Fonds Unique Interministériel” (Single Inter-Ministry Fund) government agency. NexGenTV has been labeled by the two technology competitive clusters, SCS and Image & Réseaux.

PhD Position M/F (Reference: DS_BM_PhD_Analyse_Mai2016))

Automatic Analysis of Multimedia Information from Social Networks


This thesis is part of a collaborative project to analyze the multimedia information that is published on the Internet about cultural festivals, either by professional or by the public.

PhD Position M/F (Reference: EURECOM_LABEX_ PhD Position)
Communication Systems Dept

Distributed Caching, Cooperative Transmission, 5G Networks


This position is funded by an excellence grant from the UCN@SOPHIA LABEX ( The selected candidate will be employed by EURECOM, but will be a member of both the MAESTRO team at INRIA Sophia Antipolis – Méditerranée ( and the Mobile Comm. department at EURECOM, Sophia-Antipolis (

PhD position M/F (Reference: MM_JLD_PhD_imagerie_042015)
Data Science Dept

Second Generation of Tools in Image Forensics


Image forensics includes two major challenges: The detection of malicious manipulations and the identification of the sensors.