Graduate School and Research Center In communication systems

Job opportunities

PhD position M/F (Reference: CM_NN_PhD_Coherent_May2015)
Mobile Communications Dept

Software defined networking (SDN) for 5G networks


The Mobile Communications department of EURECOM invites applications for a PhD position in the area of software defined networking (SDN) for future cellular networks.

Faculty Position M/F (Reference: CM_DG_MDC_Edge_Mai2015)
Mobile Communications Dept

Mobile networks


The Mobile Communications Department of EURECOM, Sophia-Antipolis, France, invites applications for a faculty position at the assistant professor level (Maître de Conference), in the general area of mobile networking, with a special interest for the emerging field of Mobile Edge Computing (MEC).

PhD position M/F (Reference: MM_JLD_PhD_imagerie_042015)
Multimedia Communications Dept

Second Generation of Tools in Image Forensics


Image forensics includes two major challenges: The detection of malicious manipulations and the identification of the sensors.

PhD position M/F (Reference: MM_JLD_PhD_IDEA4SWIFT_OCT2014)*
Multimedia Communications Dept

Soft biometrics


With the context of a joint project between France and Turkey on security and comfort of frequent flyers in European airports, EURECOM is in charge to investigate the possible utilization of soft biometrics in order to increase performances of classical biometric systems based on iris or fingerprints.