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Security applications in networking and distributed systems

T Technical Teaching


  • This course presents the main applications of secure communication mechanisms in the area of computer networks and distributed systems.

  • The course covers network security approaches based on firewalls, cryptographic security protocol suites designed for the data exchange and network control components of Internet, wireless security protocols, and security solutions for cellular and mobile network architectures.



  • Access Control:

Access control models, role-based access control, attribute certificates, simple public key infrastructure, XACML

  • Network Access Control and Firewalls:

Packet filtering, application gateways, circuit gateways, NAT, firewall configurations

  • Cryptographic Security for Internet:

IPsec, Oakley/ISAKMP, TLS/SSL, VPN/SSL, cryptographic security in DNS, routing and SMTP

  • Mobile Network Security:

 EAP, Radius, Diameter, wireless security, security features in GSM, 3GPP, DECT and Mobile IP.

Nb hours: 21.00
Control form: examen écrit