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Project management

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  • In all areas, professional activities are often formalized into Projects. This trend in even stronger and more evident in today's environment, which is increasingly international with off-shoring and which develops new inter-enterprise dependencies with out-tasking and outsourcing. Communication within and outside the enterprise also becomes key. In order to better manage and control those Projects, Enterprises often evolve from a Functional organization to a Matrix organization. The Project Management Profession becomes a key element of the new Enterprise Model. This course aims at introducing the different Project Management concepts and techniques. For the students, it is an opportunity to increase their efficiency when joining a Project Team. This course should also allow an improved understanding of the business aspects, and may trigger some thinking on future career choices.


A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (édité par le PMI)


• Introduction: IT and Networking market trends
• Concept of Project
• Ingredients of Project Management
• Different types of Business Requests
• Communication in Business Environment
• Organisational models
• Project Scope
• Project Costs
• Project Schedules
• Quality Management
• Risk Management

Nb hours: 42.00
Nb hours per week: 3.00