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Transportation Planning

T Technical Teaching


(Course for Post Master  et  international Master students only).

  • The objective of wireless communications in ITS is to improve the occupancy of the road infrastructure, public, and private transportations. Notably, federating various transportation means in multi-modal transportation solutions is estimated to play a critical role to reduce traffic jams and commuting time in the upcoming years.
  • The major role of wireless communication is to provide and ease the exchange of the required fresher and more precise information to find the optimal selection of the transportation mean(s). It is therefore critical to understand the mechanisms behind public transportation planning (routes, time table, volumes), or private transportation planning (logistics, traffic, etc.), including their interactions, in order to evaluate how and where vehicular wireless communication could help to optimize them. The objective of this course is therefore to provide students with basic knowledge in transport planning, with a particular focus on dynamic methods and multi-modal transport modeling.
Nb hours: 21.00