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Wireless Access Technologies

T Technical Teaching


  • This module teaches the state-of-the art techniques for wireless access.
  • This module will address wireless access issues in the context of vehicular communication for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).
  • The interested students will learn the challenges of accessing a wireless network, how to address the impact of mobility, how to differentiate various types of message and deal with the QoS, understand the impact of distance, transmission policies or the environment on the communication quality, and finally how wireless access technologies could improve the future ITS.
  • This module puts experimentations to the center and will schedule 3 lab sessions for 4 lectures.



  • Introduction to Wireless Issues
  • Wireless Access for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • IEEE 802.11 standard
  • Wireless Vehicular Access : IEEE 802.11p
  • QoS Management : IEEE 802.11e
  • Transmission policies, such as coding rate, transmit power or rate or packet size.
  • Introduction to other wireless access technologies (WiMAX, ZigBee)
Nb hours: 21.00
Prepare course:
Control form: Examen Final (60%), Travaux Pratiques (40%)