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Mobile application and services

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  • The course MobServ would interest students who want to get a big picture of mobile application ecosystem and hands-on on design and development for emerging mobile platform including Android, iOS, and PhoneGap/WebOS. It focuses on problem solving and design skills through studio-based learning (SLB) and lab sessions as well as a challenge project where you invent and build your own mobile application.
  • It targets the description of new emerging technologies and tools used to design and implement multimedia applications for smartphones taking into account the technical constraints relative to storage capacity, processing capacity, display screen, communication interfaces, as well as user context and profile.
  •  This course starts by presenting a mobile application and platform landscape and their evolution followed by Android, iOS, and PhoneGap/WebOS basics combined with mini lab sessions. Then fundamentals of each platform are detailed through guided lab sessions and interactive discussions. Platform trends, market, and business model are explained. Finally, advanced topics such as location-based service, geo-social service, offline capable apps, UI/UX design are given.





   +  Mobile Application and Platform Landscape
   + Android basics - mini Lab Session
   + iOS basics - mini lab session
   + PhoneGap basics - mini lab session

    + Android/iOS trends/market/business model -  Lab session
    + Android/iOS design guideline and performance optimization -  Lab Sessions
    + Android/iOS Facebook API and persistent data storage - lab sessions
    + PhonGap application design  - lab sessions

    - Location-based Services, GeoLocation, Geo Social Services
    - Local Storage and Offline-Capable Applications
    - Mobile UI Design
    - Mobile application marketing and strategy

  • Advanced Topics
  • Introductionary sessions
  • Fundamental sessions
Nb hours: 42.00
Nb hours per week: 3.00
Control form: Written exam + challenge