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Mobile Networking

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This module addresses the mobility management in IP Networks (Internet or private networks). In particular the various mobility schemes based on IPv6 are detailed. Application to 3GPP / WiFi IP Flow mobility is presented.

 Teaching and Learning Methods: Lectures and Lab sessions (group of 2 students)

 Course Policies : Attendance to Lab sessions  is mandatory.


Book: Jouni Korhonen, Teemu Savolainen, Jonne Soininen , "Deploying IPv6 in 3GPP Networks: Evolving Mobile Broadband from 2G to LTE and Beyond", WILEY

Series of articles provided on the Intranet


 Basic knowledge in Networking


Learning outcomes:

  • be able to Identify the basic functions of an IP Mobility protocol
  • be able to analyze IPv6 traces to explore the fundamental features of IPv6
  • be able to differentiate the various use cases of IP mobility protocols

Nb hours : 21.00, at least 3 Lab sessions (9 hours)

Grading Policy:Lab reports (50%), Final Exam (50%)

Nb hours: 21.00
Nb hours per week: 3.00
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