Graduate School and Research Center in Digital Sciences

Basics Mathematical Methods for Engineers

T Technical Teaching


  • This course aims to present a treatment of mathematical methods suitable for engineering students who are interested in the rapidly advancing areas of signal analysis, processing, filtering and estimation. Significant current applications relate to speech and audio, music, wired and wireless communications, instrumentation, multimedia, radar, sonar, control, biomedicine, transport and navigation.
  • The course presents a study of analogue systems as a pre-requisite to material relating to sampled-data systems.
  • The objective is to assist the student in gaining confidence in working with the frequency or transform domain for the analysis or characterisation of signals and systems. The final part of the course aims to introduce at a more mathematical level the concepts of probability, random processes and the analysis of random signals, correlation and spectral density.


This course is specifically targetted to the students not having followed preparatory classes.

Nb hours: 21.00