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Introduction to management

G General Teaching


  • Most graduates aspire to enter management ; other find management thrust upon them. This course will introduce participants to the role and practice of management from the perspective of the new manager. Through lectures, exercises and case studies, participants will understand and experience some of what it is to be a manager today.


Études de cas sera fournie, readings



  •  The Managers' role : management vs technical activities, myths & reality, X,Y & Z, Pareto, prioritizing
  •  Why businesses exist : strategy, objectives, and return on investment ; balancing stakeholders' demands
  •  Measuring and controlling business activity : accounting/finance/budgets ; balanced scorecards ; decisions-making tools
  •  Marketing and sales
  •  Operations management : business processes, PERT/CPM, MRP to ERP, TQM, Six Sigma
  •  Human capital management
Nb hours: 42.00
Nb hours per week: 3.00
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