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Innovation & new product development

G General Teaching


This course is designed to explain what innovation is, what are the forms and types of innovation and how works the process issuing to generation of improved or new products. It explores the frameworks and the models implied from creativity and research stimulation to development, industrialization and access to the market.

Teaching and learning methods : Mix of lectures, group works and discussions.

Nb hours:  21 heures en 7 séances de 3 heures

Cource policies: Group works


-       Trott Paul. Innovation management and New Products Development. 5th ed. Pearson Prenctice Hall.

-       Rifkin Jeremy. The Third Industrial Revolution. 2014.


The program is divided in two parts:

-       Innovation: What is innovation? How to stimulate creativity? How to protect innovation? What is the innovation adoption process and the impact of time to market?

-       NewProduct Development: From research to products and to markets. Strategic tools and matrix. What are the main steps of the NPD process?

Learning outcomes: 

-       To familiarize students with the strategic and management frameworks and tools used in Innovation Processes in general and in Product-development processes in particular

-       To place the engineer's contribution to innovation and NPD in the context of markets, competition and business

Nb hours : 21 hours in 7 sessions of 3 hours

Grading Policy : Group works 50% and short final individual examination 50%

Nb hours: 21.00
Nb hours per week: 3.00