Graduate School and Research Center in Digital Sciences

Business Simulation

G General Teaching


  • Through the use of a complex interactive business simulation in which teams manage virtual companies in a high-tech business arena, students will gain practical insights into the realities of running a business. Unlike single subject courses, this simulation requires to students to make decisions within the context of interacting disciplines. Student will also come to understand the interdependence of companies through buy/sell and risk-sharing negotiations within a changing supply chain model.


« INTOPIA Executive Guide »


• Practical application of management disciplines in an integrated and interactive environment
• Further exposure to basic management techniques (strategy, accounting/finance, operations, etc) through the decision-making process
• Interpretation of the economic environment and its impact on future company performance
• Practical application of the Organizational Behavior course skills
• Understanding of the importance of business processes especially as relates to decision-making
• Experience of competition and ‘coopetition’

Nb hours: 42.00
Nb hours per week: 3.00
Control form: Contrôle continu et exercices