Graduate School and Research Center in Digital Sciences

Once you have been recruited by EURECOM to pursue a master degree in Data Science, IoT or Mobile Computing Systems, you have the possibility to apply for a double degree program with one of EURECOM’s academic member. In 2019, EURECOM has double degree agreements to obtain a double degree Master in Mobile Computing System (at Aalto, Chalmers or CTU), IOT (at CTU) or in Data Science (at Aalto). 

The student must show his/her interest to participate into the double degree master program on arrival (or at the beginning of his/her first semester at EURECOM) liaising with EURECOM’s Department of International Relations. 

The selection of the candidates is operated during the 1st semester of the master and is based on previous academic background, motivation and the average grade of the first academic year at EURECOM (a minimum grade in some technical courses can be required). Please note it is mandatory to validate the 60 ECTS of the 1st year to be eligible.


At the end of the 1st semester, if the candidate validates all the necessary credits, if the application meets the selection criteria required by the Host University and EURECOM, and after the prior agreement of the professor in charge of the Master degree, the candidature will be sent to the host university.


The host university will send a pre-approval to this candidature during the 2nd semester of the year 1. At the end of the 2nd semester, if the candidate has validated the 60 ECTS obtaining good results (minimum grades in some technical courses can be required) and after final approval by the academic coordinator, the double degree exchange can be confirmed.  Please bear in mind the final decision is made by the host university.