Data Science Department

The Data Science department has been created in May 2016, in an effort to consolidate our research and teaching activities in the domain of Data Science, and with the goal of expanding our application domains beyond the historical telecommunications field.

Our work is defined through an interdisciplinary approach to research, merging contributions from computer science, machine learning and statistics, and addressing numerous applied problems. Our research program is centered around the disciplines to semantically integrate and enrich data, to model and understand data, to design and analyze scalable computational approaches to machine learning, and to build systems that allow storing and processing vast amounts of data.

The main research lines underpinning our academic and industrial projects involve the development of a solid foundation of systems and theoretical tools to interact with manipulate and model data:


Our research is partially supported by numerous governmental entities, Eurecom partner companies, and through the establishment of a number of collaborative projects with international companies, which we list below:

European Commission Agence Nationale pour la Recherche EIT Digital
Orange BMW Symantec
KPMG Amadeus AXA Research Fund
Nokia Bell Labs ISMB Government of Monaco
Data Transparency Lab    


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Data Science